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Keep in mind that Truth is a Person who as I  said is your roommate and desires to fellowship personally with you;  regardless of circumstances, personal conditions, outward behavior or  religious believes. The single condition is an open heart, mind and an  inquisitive, curious attitude.
I do realize these are not your  typical religious conditions but after many years and much asking I have  lived 82 years and been privilege and able to say, “All I have Needed  His Hand has Provided”
When light (illumination) falls on a  transparent substance, the substance itself becomes brilliant, and  radiates light from itself. So, to spirit bearing souls, illuminated by  Spirit, finally become spiritual themselves, and their grace is sent  forth to others; “This may just be the very aroma of the DIVINE APPEAL  and the Gift of His AGAPE to all of Humanity.
With all my Love
Pastor Seby Matacena 







There is no list of content as the entire book is about God, His Person, Character, love, glory and determined purpose and desire for humanity, It is about good news, and where I go to find peace Joy and Love. There is NO LAW in this book as; Against Agape there is no LAW. It is about both worlds, the spirit world and our material world. Being spiritual and at the same time living this human life as God intended. And demonstrated by He who is and was; THE “WAY – TRUTH- LIFE”.

It is about “life after life after death”

“Incarnation – life – death – resurrection and ascension.


Much is said about relationship and finding the filter that keeps us FREE and in that relationship. Learning to “LISTEN” as my Father guides the way through what proceeds from His mouth.. and constant communication through the heavenly language spoken through my spirit directly to Him, that He might manifest His Glory, Agape and DNA through this carnal person I call “ME”






The reformation needed is to RETURN to the completed.

In these days there is a need for a reformation, yet it is a reformation which should be called, “restoration” as it is not of something new but of that which has been completed. Most of the church is seeking and praying for something new, something to bring forth what is referred to as, “revival” which of itself has been accomplished through the cross of Christ, “it’s a done deal”.

One of these is “freedom” which is one of those gifts given and purpose of the coming of Christ; “it is for freedom that Jesus came” Freedom has a peculiar way of taking the initiative to bring forth the best, create where there is no hope, raise to life that which seems dead. It has been by freedom that this USA has become the most powerful giving country on the planet. In every instance where the human being has been set free they have prospered.

God has through Christ set us free, free from sin, darkness and slavery which has the power of control over the being’s ability of expression, creation and decision. To control or to deny freedom is to deny the operation and manifestation of the Spirit within the body of Christ.

Once the Spirit is removed the mind of God is silenced.

The completed is that, “every child of God is a Priest” and It is the basic right and function of the priesthood to exercise spiritual gifts and inspirations openly that all may be edified, receive comfort and instruction from the Holy Spirit.

"Worship in this age must be a spontaneous expression of the manifestation and influence of God upon his priest. That they may declare the wonderful deeds of Him who called you out of darkness and into his marvelous light "





Life is a journey of love and joy if one learns early what these two things are and where to find them. The other things I want to bring to you is how to walk in abundance and true prosperity and to live your salvation in this present AGE as your inheritance in Christ. I want to bring to you ways of enlarging your circle of life through stepping out in faith and boldness with confidence that He that started the work will see you through everything you set your hand to.. I will also include in this web-site some of my writings and insights into Gods Word and revelation. I will also from time to time hope to include some past encounters with my Father and Lord. I hope to deliver to you through this web page my history and my years of experience both in Christ and ministry as well as my lives experiences that I pray will keep you from the same mistakes I made. 

THIS SHORT BOOKLET, “GOD” is an introduction to the desire in my heart for you and to all that read it.

These principles and understanding have RE-Arranged the furniture in the basement of my 67 years as a Christian and brought me to a place of peace, freedom and rest…

El Lugar Secreto Del Dios Altisimo




No hay una lista de contenido, ya que todo el libro es acerca de Dios, su persona, carácter, amor, gloria y propósito determinado y deseo para la humanidad, se trata de buenas noticias, y donde voy a encontrar la paz alegría y amor. NO hay ley en este libro como; “Contra Ágape no hay ley.”  Se trata de ambos mundos, el mundo   espiritual y nuestro mundo material. Ser espiritual y al mismo tiempo vivir esta vida humana como Dios lo pretendía. Y lo demostró el que es y fue; EL "CAMINO – LA VERDAD- LA VIDA".

Se trata de "vida tras vida después de la muerte"

"Encarnación – vida – muerte – resurrección y ascensión.

Tiene mucho que ver con:




Mucho se dice acerca de la relación y encontrar el filtro que nos mantiene libres y en esa relación. Aprender a "escuchar" como nuestro padre nos guía en este camino a través de lo que procede de su boca; y comunicación constante a través de la lengua celestial que se habla a través de mi espíritu directamente a él, para que él manifieste su gloria, Ágape y el ADN a través de esta persona carnal que yo llamo "YO" 

Lanzando El Poder de Dios A Traves de Sus Hijos




La reforma necesaria es volver al completo.

En estos días hay una necesidad de una reforma, sin embargo, es una reforma que debe llamarse, "restauración", ya que no es de algo nuevo, sino de lo que ya está completado. La mayor parte de la iglesia está buscando y orando por algo nuevo, algo para dar luz lo que conocemos como, "Re-avivamiento" que por sí mismo se ha logrado a través de la Cruz de Cristo, "es un trato hecho".

Una de   estas es "libertad", que es uno de esos dones dados y propósito de la venida de Cristo; "es por libertad que Jesús vino" la libertad tiene una forma peculiar de tomar la iniciativa para sacar lo mejor, crear donde no hay esperanza, elevar vida lo que parece muerto. Ha sido por libertad que este país, EE.UU. se ha convertido en el país de más poder en el planeta. En cada caso en el cual el ser humano ha sido libertado, han prosperado.

Dios por medio de Cristo nos ha liberado, del pecado, de la oscuridad y de la esclavitud, que tiene el poder del control sobre la capacidad de expresión, de creación y de decisión del ser humano. Controlar o negar la libertad es negar la operación y la manifestación del espíritu dentro del cuerpo de Cristo.

Una vez que el espíritu es removido, la mente de Dios es silenciada.

Lo completado es que, "cada hijo de Dios es un sacerdote"y es el derecho y la función básica del sacerdocio ejercer los dones espirituales y las inspiraciones abiertamente para que todos puedan ser edificados, reciban consuelo e instrucción del Espíritu Santo.

"La adoración en esta era debe ser una expresión espontánea de la manifestación y la influencia de Dios sobre su sacerdote. Que puedan declarar las maravillas de aquel que te llamó de la oscuridad a su maravillosa luz " 




DEDICASION:  Dedico este folleto a todos los que han hecho las preguntas que ruego serán contestadas aquí. En los últimos 40 + años la gente ha venido a mí con duda, temor e inquietud acerca de Dios, Cristo, la vida, la muerte y la vida. Es en el conocimiento de Dios donde estos tienen sus respuestas e iluminación. Han habido las personas en mi camino a través de esta vida, demasiadas para contar; Sin embargo, todo el mundo ha sido como una marca en mi vida que me ha traído hasta aquí con gran asombro y gracia. Todos han sido luz, inspiración, la razón, y el aliento y el factor determinado para mantenerme centrado en mi Dios y mi Padre, a quien doy toda la gloria. 

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As I   meditated on why I   must endeavor into this paradigm, I searched for words and purposes; The first word that came to mind was the word “foundation”;  I was not exactly sure of its meaning, but   I did find some interesting answers; Foundation comes from the word found and it is a transitive verb- to take the first step in building which must have a solid ground or base from which to start from. This effort and construction must establish something with provisions for future existence. 

As I was meditating, I wrote down an interesting note, “hope in both worlds”. As I said earlier, I have been pondering the human predicament of life both here on this planet and in this flesh body with all its failures, wonders, fears, unknowns, expectations and yet with hope. Hope for a future of success and meaning, a life that produces more life and reason. At the same time, I am aware that it is not eternal and that it will come to an end, yet at my age I have this inner knowing that “there is MORE” and I must leave something of value behind, something that will allow my existence to have purpose and make a difference in those I leave behind. 


Yes, why is this important? 

Maybe what motivates me is that in some abstract way I will continue to live, or am I truly concerned that others will fail in the same areas I have failed, and, in some way, I hope that what I have left them will bring them to a more sound and happy and abundant life.

I am also aware that there are two worlds we must be totally aware of if we are to live a complete and full existence and as I said, “hope in both worlds”. 

I know my natural, physical world, where I came from, who I came from, my childhood and formative years. I can recall my adult life with its ups and downs, with successes and failures, I can rejoice in my accomplishments. I can say that I am proud of my relationships be they good, excellent, or weak but in each I learned and came forth a better human being. Of all I most cherish my children and who they are and what they have become. I am also proud of their children and their children’s children which in fact may be my only legacy; I say as God did, “I see that it is good”

For all that there is still an empty place, a question and a deep need for answers to life and the why.

Yet I have known in my heart and spirit the answer to the human predicament has been re-solved and the peace for life has appeared. But somehow, we have failed to grasp it and missed out on the hope that is IN us to its full.

As in my human life I had a foundation and parents that cared, I now at this age have become aware of the importance of a solid foundation and how it effects our entire life and hope. For all that we do go through, life with all the things I quoted earlier always has hope.

Remember that I am speaking of the natural world, a world that is constantly changing, a life and journey with many hurdles and tribulations, yet with hope.

I started this with, “hope in both worlds” so where then is the other world?

We are not here by mistake nor are we the product of chance and a seed carried by the wind to land someplace by coincidence. 

That regardless of place of birth, parents, society and culture we are to somehow make life worth living and find hope in that chaos where there is constant change and insecurity. Contrary to scientific ideas and evolution we find that to go back in time and search we conclude that the earth, the universe, life itself did not just HAPPEN. 

Can we say that before all this there was nothing?

So, from nothing and without anyone it just happened and became what it is today?

You may believe that but then you must accept the insecurity and the power of the physical to bring you to that hope and yet with all that we may read, oh wrenched man that I am, who will deliver me from this body that must die”.

But within mankind there is a mystery and an inner knowing that is persistent and at times forceful that guides us into situations and paths that we did not initiate. In our time of need, despair and fear we without conscious thought call out verbally, “God!!!!” as if there is an unknown entity we don’t see, an invisible power that will surely come to our rescue and save the moment. What is this God?

Why don’t we call out to our parents, grandparents which are the foundation of our physical life; “Dad, Mom,”

At times I stop and remember my mother and my father; I remember their concerns worries and warnings that guided me but in my time of need I don’t resort to calling out verbally their names. So why GOD?

What is in man that draws him to this God, and what power has this God with man?

As a kid and teen I had these thought that I just did not belong to this present world or that somehow, I had been adopted and that there had been some other existence in my past, a family, a relationship or even a place that I could not define, yet I never shared it with anyone, and then life took over and I set it aside.

Am I the only one to think this way?

In my first 40 years of Christianity I had many question and doubts, but I accepted the status quo; no matter how I cut it there were “QUESTIONS”. Questions that had to be answered and, in my determination, to find the answers I doggedly persisted in my search, but without preaching, teaching or even sharing with anyone. Now after all the years I know that there are hundreds of believers that think the same way. 

One of my first sermons in Bible school was on this very subject:

 “It is not everyone who keeps saying to me ‘Lord, Lord’ who will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but the man who actually does my Heavenly Father’s will. “In ‘that day’ many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, didn’t we prophesy and preach in your name, didn’t we cast out devils in your name, and do many great things in your name?’ Then I shall tell them plainly, “I have never known you” Go away from me, you have worked on the side of evil!’” Mat 7:21-23 

(Grk: ginōskō - to “know” (absolutely), in a great variety of applications and with many implications (as shown at left, with others not thus clearly expressed): - allow, be aware (of), feel, (have) known (-ledge), perceive, be resolved, can speak, be sure, understand.)

What a problem I had with this message since it clearly says, “In my Name”. Yet at that time we were taught that those folks would not go to heaven, but at the same time we were taught that it must be in Jesus’ name and they called him Lord? Of course, there is another scripture where the disciples come to Jesus and asked him what they should do about some people casting out demons in His name, and His reply was: “leave them alone as they are doing it in my name”.  Now what?

I have inserted this scriptural account here to demonstrate to you what a wrong foundation looks like, but I am not going to go into the explanation of the above at this time. What I do want you to remember is; 

‘I have never known you”.

I came to a place in my journey where I had pastored, ministered in the mission field where I experienced miracles. Deliverance from demonic spirits, physical healing and even the raising of the dead (in Jesus Name) Oh and I prophesied over hundreds of folks and preached in hundreds of churches. My question in the back of my mind was:

“what shall he say to me, shall he say depart from me?”

 I continued doing the ministry, the pastoring and the gifts of the Spirit but something was stirring within. No, I did not doubt His presence and power and I did hear His voice most of the time.

My Theology???

Theology is the study of   God or, more generally the study of religiousfaith, practice, and experience, or of spirituality.

"The science of things divine; a person engaged in such study as a Christian might be seeking help to understand, explain, test, be critical, defend or promote any of myriad religious topics. Theology might be undertaken to help the Christian

· Understand more truly their own religious affiliation or believe system.

·  Defend or justifypersonal religious tradition and the nature of divinity.

As I grew, I   found that many had a belief in this Jesus I had learned to speak with and to trust though that was all I knew. One of those friends   whose mom was a devout follower of Christ and required her children to attend church Sunday and   in all church activities. So, I started attending with them   at a Baptist church which to this day is called “Coral Villa Baptist”.  I began to learn   bible and get theology, but they were totally against the theology and what the man preached at the tent though inside I could not contradict what Jesus had done for me…

Here we are some 70+ years have passed, and you might ask;

“What then is my theology now?” 

If will you permit me to be bold and maybe arrogant to write out of my 70+ years and use a wonderful scripture to express myself and my theology: (Italics are mine)

That which was from the beginning, which I have heard, which I have seen with MY eyes, which I  have looked upon, and MY hands have handled, concerning the Word of Life, (for the Life was revealed, and I have seen it and bear witness, and show to you the everlasting Life, who was with the Father and was revealed to me), that which I  have seen and heard I declare unto you, so that you also may have fellowship with Me. And truly MY fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ. And I write these things to you so that your joy may be full.  (Seby1:1) 

Maybe your theology will be offended by the above, but you will be bound by the theology to forgive me; Amen.


Today we have the most sophisticated information and visual system ever through sound, video, television, internet and media that brings us knowledge of every subject, matter, places and life be it human or animal. We can see through TV the depth of the ocean down to 7 miles or the deepest of space and or the most miniscule cell in the human body. We from our living room can sit in a fighter jet and soar through the sky at the speed of sound and we are able to tell others what we have seen and how we know what it is like…. At best all we can do is to speculate what it feels like, looks like and at best describe what we have seen as to color, shape and sound. Travel videos show faraway places around the globe which we have heard of yet never been physically there.

Unlike the pilot, the diver and the traveler who are there physically and can experience firsthand all that encompasses the physical and with sight, sound and touch have true knowledge that cannot be argued with we are but on lookers and can only theorize what it is truly like. While the pilot, diver and travelers may meditate in awe and have internal satisfaction and peace within. “Been there, done that, have the T shirt” 

It requires we place names to the two sides, one we will call “potato, as they merely have eyes” and the other, we will name, “The Doer” like scripture depicts.

Recently I was invited to a meeting to hear a prophet speak. Some 30 persons attended the meeting all (supposed) Christians, yet the only bible was brought by the speaker, the potatoes brought their cell phones. During the message the potatoes raised their hands and amend as necessary but at the same time were receiving text messages and sending replies. Participation is virtually non-existent. We are more concerned with the great oracle of men and the religious correctness than the greatness of God. We know more about God and doctrines of men and moral and political correctness than we learn of communion and relationship in knowing God.

For many the answer is to go back in time and return to the past religious and traditional practices to which “I wholeheartedly Disagree.I say let us go forth into a new day and as the writer of Hebrews says: 

Therefore, having left the discourse of the beginning of Christ, let us go on to perfection, Heb 6:1

It is a truth that today we have theology in abundance as never before through the quantity of books. CD’s, visual media and internet teaching yet it is also the weakest and most clumsy gospel theology being taught be it sloppy Agape or condemnation and judgment. Both have their root in ignorance of the knowledge and experience in knowing the person “God” and His foundation and His Divine Appeal to Humanity.

Therefore, this discipleship and in-depth labor to and journey to the Father of our spirit to whom we owe all we have and ARE.

I pray that you may realize an intimacy of perfect love (Agape) and a prosperous journey as you participate and meditate through the lessons of this attempt   to explore His determined purpose and plan for humanity. And I pray this theology brings as much Joy and peace as it has brought me then I will rejoice and go home to my Father satisfied.

Pastor Seby