1. Security

2. Identity

3. Belonging

I am writing the following because it has been my innermost desire to find the deepest truth and   understanding of God as father and creator. Why this?
Peace because in my understanding peace is the most powerful of all feeling along with love. Peace is the power to conquer every fear and doubt which would cause torment and confusion. The way to peace is in the “knowing”, it is in the seeing beyond the circumstance and having the assurance of true peace within. Maybe this way of explaining peace is somewhat confusing but maybe in the following sentences and writing it may make sense. My search for peace and for truth have taken some 60 plus years and began at age 12 or so when I first began my awareness of God and Christ and when my peace began its own journey to find a “WHY”,  that would take some 50 years more or less.   Why?
It is the unanswered questions that seem to somehow disturb our peace, and the more science discovers, the more questions arise about the divine and the spiritual side of humanity which cannot be denied no matter how much intellectually or scientifically you try. There is within every human being a deep emptiness and at the same time an awareness of a something or someone which we at times call second sense, inner voice, and inner wisdom from which some have drawn peace. But for all this the questions remain, who am I, where did I come from, what is my destiny?
These questions cannot be answered intellectually nor scientific as the two would reject any spiritual existence or divine involvement.
I have purposed to begin a series of short narratives in an attempt to answer the question which seem most to disturb our peace and cause doubt and confusion in both the religious and spiritual community and the secular or non-religious.
Everyone is welcome to participate, question, reject or bring their opinions and understanding without fear of being rejected. You do not have to be a Christian to participate though all my material will 

be from scripture.
We will begin with creation yet we will not begin in Genesis as we are reaching much further 

back into eternity past. Our beginning will be in the book of John chapter 1 verses 3-4
All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was him 

was life, and the life was the light of men. Alt reading ….

That which has been made was life in Him. (rsv)
Let me interject something here of my own;

All things were made through him, and without him was not “ONE” thing.
I want you to note the contrast of two words, the “through and the in”
It is in this simple but most profound writing lies the very seed of “creation and redemption."

” The entire divine in its relation to all the human and natural as we understand it. 

In this is the essence of being. Here in we find:
“Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of the eternal Father”
That from the FIRST of first Jesus is the Son, simply because God is the Father. The Father is the greater and if He had not been, the Son could not have been. (logic is not necessary) words and natural thought are inadequate to express the depth and truth of our existence. Yet we must come to 

the conclusion and truth as written:   That “God may be all in all”
We worship the Son as the human God, divine and only man receiving His being and power from the Father, equal with Him as a son is the equal at once and the subject of his father.
But “making himself the equal of His Father in what is most precious in the Godhead, (Love) AGAPE”
The Father who brings from the unseen the things that are seen created 

through the Son ALL things that exist.
What the difference of the son’s and the father’s part in creation may be can but only be seen in Agape (love) itself, ----  Can you see it yet?
All things were made through him, and without him was not “ONE” thing.
That which was made IN Him was life.
The power by which He created all was given to Him by the Father in that most precious equality, Agape!
But there was something made not through but IN Himself, “LIFE”.